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About Us

J&J Builders of Northeast Wisconsin brings an in-house team of specialists to handle any project you can dream of. For over two decades we have brought our customers dreams to life. Our “in house” personnel are skilled and equipped in framing, siding, soffit, roofing, painting, staining, finish work, stair systems, hardwood floors, cabinetry, and specialty woodworking. Blend these skills with detailed financial management of your project including monthly “financial status reports” and the result is… peace of mind. James III and James IV work right beside their employees to ensure the finest results on each job. Join us as we continue our legacy of providing quality crafted homes, remodels, and cabinetry.

When details matter.

James III & James IV

What We Do

J&J Builders of Northeast Wisconsin is leading the way in the homebuilding industry with “outside the box” thinking that adds truly unique and distinctive creations to each project we undertake. We welcome projects big and small. J&J Builders uses their own personnel to complete many phases of the construction effort. We also team up with experts from the home building industry who are true “specialists” in what they do. Visit our FAQ page to see some of our partners. Check out our main areas of expertise below.

New Homes

Our homes satisfy the most scrutinizing homebuyers. It is usually their last home so they are not interested in cutting corners. They have learned over the years that you typically get what you pay for and the “bad taste of poor quality lingers a long time”. We strive to leave a “good taste” by crafting the finest quality homes at the best possible price. We believe this will provide you with an investment that has enduring value.

We can build to suit from any personally designed plan you may have or we will develop one for you. Alternatively, clients may choose from one of our existing floor plans and customize as they wish to create their own distinguishing look.

New home construction by J&J Builders


We at J&J Builders have a passion to deliver premium quality custom cabinetry with a personal touch for a fair price. We believe you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best. Our production team strives every day to simply deliver the finest workmanship. Our attention to detail helps us to create attractive and functional lay-outs, in a style that will last for the life of your home.

By using only top quality products, we are able to create durable furniture quality finishes, sure to live up to your everyday needs. With over four decades of combined experience, you can rest assured that our experienced craftsmen are building, finishing and installing your cabinetry with the utmost quality and care. We are committed to delivering premium quality products with world-class service.

Custom Home Cabinets


There are times that building a new home isn’t desired by our clients but they still want to make a change. Thus enters the idea of a Remodel. We find that large remodels are usually justified due to the favorable location of the property or perhaps for sentimental reasons. Smaller remodels are typically intended to “update” or enhance the functionality of a living space. It will always come down to what you are willing to spend to enhance your current home.

The success of a remodel project requires good planning. J&J Builders has expertise in design and project planning. We have a depth of experience in whole house remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, additions, sunrooms, basement finishing and more. You’ll find yourself in good hands with J&J Builders of Northeast Wisconsin handling your remodel project. Open Before and After

Kitchen Remodel Before
Remodel kitchen after