Frequently Asked Questions

What is your building process at J&J Builders?

Whether you have your plan already or all you have are ideas, J&J Builders can help with the designing of your home. We also understand that it is at this point in the project that we can best control building costs. From basic drafting to complex architecture, we will work with you to make sure your home reflects your lifestyle while fitting your budget. Contact us to initiate the design of your new home or remodel project.

How will we know what our project will cost?

J&J Builders provides a comprehensive cost breakdown line item by line item for you with each bid. This assures you that you know exactly what is going to be spent and where. This part of the process is where we “team-up” to maximize your dollars. We use an “open book” approach to bidding that will ensure you see every cost associated with the building of your home. This format also doubles as an accountability system to make sure the project remains on budget… from start to completion.

How do you handle changes that may occur during our project?

Even with good “front end” planning some adjustments may be desired, or become necessary, as the project is in motion. Clear communication is how we operate. If we aren’t standing next to you when it happens you can email, text, or contact us through the “Client Portal” found on this website. Working together we can identify any expected impact to the project, whether simply cosmetic or financial. We will update the “financial status sheet” when and if needed so you always have a handle on where the numbers are. Our goal is to have you love your home and enjoy the building process!

Do you have preferred vendors you work with?

Bay Area Granite & Marble Logo

2768 Deerfield Ave
Suamico WI 54173
(920) 662-1300

3370 Bay Ridge Ct
Oneida WI 54155
(920) 869-3166

6919 Country Oaks Dr
Sobieski WI 54171
(920) 655-2455

2270 S Ashland Ave
Green Bay WI 54304
(920) 498-8549

Jacobs Bros. Foundations Logo

302 Cross Gate Lane
De Pere WI 54115
(920) 664-1909

843 E Frontage Rd
Little Suamico WI 54141
(920) 826-2992

2035 Larsen Rd
Green Bay WI 54303
(920) 432-5501

1889 Plane Park Dr
De Pere WI 54155
(920) 938-5400

3765 Creamery Road Ste 1
De Pere WI 54115
(920) 655-4012

500 Pilgrim Way
Green Bay WI 54304
(920) 431-8900

1809 Condor Ln
Howard WI 54313
(920) 662-1741

1710 Flowing Wells Ct
Suamico WI 54173
(920) 434-1903

1650 E Elm Dr
Little Chute WI 54140
(920) 687-1100

N9360 Lawn Rd
Seymour WI 54165
(920) 833-7776

1990 Larsen Rd
Green Bay WI 54303
(920) 496-5080

How can you help us build an energy efficient home?

J&J Builders of NE WI Inc has been active with the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program (and it’s predecessor Energy Star program) since 2000. We are committed to delivering the best to our customers by:

  • Building Energy Efficient Homes
  • Building Affordable Homes
  • Building Durable Homes
  • Building Safe Homes

J&J Builders of Northeast Wisconsin has earned the following awards!

Most Certified Homes

Building Air Tightness

Program Pioneer

5000th Home Certified

Outstanding Achievement