Client Testimonials

Dear Jim, I just wanted to thank you and your team. As my wife and I close out this year we reflect on our building experience. Jim your persistence for the details and your professionalism were great. We met Deanna in your office, who took many, many calls from us during the project. Ken and his concrete crew who simply wanted to please us and always made sure we were happy with his work. Then came Mike and the framing crew, his creativeness and the original stairwell design was great but then there was the code. I acted as my own electrician and what is funny, Jim you did not cut me any slack either.

Up next was Tom Weslow for the well and pump system neat and concise, Pat for all the plumbing work and helping me out by getting fixtures at the last minute because my resources made some errors and Eric who did a wonderful job on the roof. I was very impressed with not only the work but the professionalism of Marc from Comfort Now heating and cooling. He went out of his way several times to teach me the features of the systems.

Then came Pat and Jim (Jr). All I can say is wow, always seeking perfection. I was there almost every day and thanks to Jr he got me hooked on his favorite radio station. In between all of this was the mason Jamey who also did a great job.

Pat and Jr were great to be around, it was always my pleasure to say good morning to them. What a great team I was very impressed with how everyone kept the work place clean and tidy at the end of every day. Then finally the punch list. I was extremely impressed that you personally came in at night and on the weekends to complete the tasks.

Again, thank you and your team for such a great job well done on building our forever home. If we were ever to build a new home again there is no doubt you and your team would be the builder.

Carl & Kim Frisque