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How to Plan a Home Renovation

  1. Research and plan your project.  Make a detailed list of everything to be done from start to finish.  This way nothing gets forgotten and thoughts are in an organized fashion.  Provide a copy of this list to your builder.  This will set forth your specific wants and needs. It is also a great way to ensure the quoting process goes smoothly so all contractors are on the same page.A blueprint will be needed.  Figure out which contractors you would like to choose or have your builder choose them for you based on quotation.
  2. Determine your budget.  Decide how much you want to spend.  Make sure to include costs such as building permits, material costs, and labor costs.  Include new furnishings for the space as well.If you see that your plan is overbudget, use your list to eliminate things that are a lower priority.  You may also find a more cost-effective solution to things that you feel are too expensive.
  3. Hire a contractor or contractors.  When hiring contractors, here are some things to looks for:
    • Years of experience:  A contractor who has been doing business for a long time is a safer bet than one who has not
    • Contracting License:  Certification that a builder has completed the requirements in order to be in the construction business.
    • Certificate of Insurance:  Contractor’s should have Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance for the type of work they perform.
    • References:  This ensures reputability.  Word of mouth is also a great indicator.
    • Payment schedule:  A reputable contractor will not ask for full payment up front.  It is however, important to discuss payment terms before construction begins.
    If you are hiring multiple contractors, determine who is in charge before the project begins to avoid confusion and delays during construction.
  4. Make a Timeline.  Now that your plan, budget and contractor needs are taken care of, you will have to choose a date to do your remodeling.  Sit down with your contractor or contractors and figure out how long each phase will take.  Be sure to include the time it will take to clean out the project area.
  5. Prepare for Your Home Renovation.  Now that you are nearing the end of your project planning, it’s time to start cleaning out your project area.  Start packing up 1-2 weeks ahead of your scheduled start date.
  6. J&J Builders can help you with all aspects of home renovations
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