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Why should I think about what kind of sub-floor I want in my new home?

A valid question.  How many of us really think about that when we decide to build a house?  I know I didn’t.  So what should we think about in terms of the frame of our house?  Well, here are a few:

Not all wood is the same.  Number one graded lumber is the best as far as the least amount of knots and shrinkage is concerned.  And yes, it is the most expensive for the above-mentioned reasons.

So, we have chosen our wood for the frame.  Now comes the subfloor.  The subfloor is a rough floor laid as a base for a finished floor.  It supports everything on top of the floor – you and your family, furniture, appliances, and other personal possessions.  Because particleboard and plywood subfloors are both made of wood mixes, they are subject to water damage and eventual rot if they are exposed to excessive moisture.  What is a high-quality subfloor then you ask?  I will tell you what we at J&J Builders like to use.


  • Advantech Flooring has a 50-year limited warranty.
  • It is manufactured with advanced resin technology which in turn creates a highly moisture resistant and stronger panel.
  • High wood density and advanced resins securely hold floor fasteners in place, helping to reduce nail pops and floor squeaks.
  • Squeak-free guarantee when installed using Advantech Subfloor Adhesive.
  • Tongue and groove system helps ensure every panel installs quickly and easily.
  • Stronger deflection performance than plywood and OSB.
  • 300-day No-sand guarantee during construction.

Advantech Flooring is truly the start to a great build.

When details matter.